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Design Thinking
for Sustainable Business Innovation

In a world of constant mutation with business challenges that are getting more complex, it is critical for organisations to anticipate transformations in creating tangible, sustainable and meaningful solutions, to grow businesses while improving people's life.

Course Overview

Program Learning Outcomes & Contents


This course presents an introduction to the Design Thinking approach and mindset using highly interactive exercises that will ignite the Innovative and Problem Solving abilities of participants. Learn how to use Design Thinking principles to develop Innovative and User Centric Solutions to complex issues of Business Sustainability. Discover and apply Design Thinking Tools and Techniques for a Human-Centred problem solving approach.

They bring in-depth practices of Design as a strategic and operational activity to address an ever faster, ever changing, ever complex environment that requires to approach nowadays challenges differently.  Empathy, disruptive thinking, flexibility and rapid prototyping are at the heart of this process. 

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Understanding Innovation

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Stakeholders Mapping

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Empathy Mapping

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Creation of Personas

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User Journey Map Creation & analysis 

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Business Model Creation

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Plan to Implement Solution

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Art of Storytelling


Hervé is a consultant in Innovation Strategy, Business Transformation and Culture Change Management.


He is a seasoned expert in Brand Strategy, Innovation and Design Thinking approach, with over 30 years of experience with multinational corporations and in the creative industry in the US, the Middle East and in Europe.

Lead Trainer


CEO, Hooks Strategy & Innovation
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