Exams & Assignments

ABE qualifications are assessed by examination or assignment according to the unit. Exams take place twice a year, during the first week in December and the first week in June.   Assignments are assessed three times a year, in addition to June and December, from 2018 there are also assessment windows in March.

June 2019 Assessment Session 

Booking Your Assessment:

Booking Open: 25th March 2019

Booking Close: 26th April 2019 (Please note that there is no late option after this date)

Assignment Submission Deadline:

5th June 2019

June exams will commence: 11th June 2019


29th August 2019

December 2019 Assessment Session


30th Aug to 25th Sept 2019 - closing date for registering new learners wishing to submit assessments in December 

Booking Your Assessment:

Booking Open: 16th September 2019

Booking Close: 11th October 2019

Assignment Submission Deadline

26th November 2019

December exams will commence: 3rd December 2019


25th February 2020

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